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Handcrafted gifts, thoughtfully made and chosen, live long in the hearts and memories of those receiving them.

Why a gift from UniqueGifts.ie you might wonder?

Unique, luxurious, quirky and handmade gifts born from their creator’s heart will win the heart of your loved ones. Not a MASS produced gift in a factory BUT a carefully handcrafted gift made with love, care, passion and long hours created with a purpose to convey a special meaning or awake a certain sense or emotion. A gift that creates memories beyond the ordinary, creating an unforgettable experience – this makes it so very special – this makes it a unique gift!

We made it easy for you

UniqueGifts.ie is a one stop shop where luxury, whimsy and creativity come together to create the ideal experience where delights and thrills can be found and delivered to you directly from the artists and craftspeople in every corner of Ireland.

With your purchase you’re not only giving your loved ones a unique, luxurious, whimsical, quirky and creative gift that will win their heart while conveying the designers silent story but you’re also supporting a small business, crafts person and artist from Ireland. Artists and craftspeople that put their hearts and souls into creating these meaningful items, persons who spend hours carefully crafting them for you with their love and purpose.

Most of the items are bespoke itemswith only limited editions.

We always strive to bring more!

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