MATY'S Candles

MATY´S decorative premium candles are designed for elegance & beauty with amazing fragrances that are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

MATY´S Aromatherapy s.r.o. is a business of a young family in the Czech Republic and was founded with a desire to create premium candle products that are not only beautiful but also natural and environmentally friendly.

They strive to give people more than they ever expect - to be excited and amazed. That is why their products are suitable as a very special gift. Their approach to developing ethical products in line with this philosophy is their strength. Their products do not want to harm the environment, instead they want to bring love, harmony and joy into the lives of everyone. Help them spread natural candles and waxes to reduce the use of harmful paraffin wax products. Only time will show how difficult this task is, but we believe that we will succeed together.

Finally, they would like to assure their customers that they will always do everything honestly, reliably and well, will not change. They are happy to convince you that these are not just phrases but the reality of our everyday business.



Fabricate Ireland- Karen

A collection of individually designed art ranging from Textile stitched frames & lampshades to enhance your interiors, the ideal treasured handmade gift.
Karen, the artist behind Fabricate Ireland, is an Irish Textile Artist, Designer & Lampshade Maker & Mum of two fabulous girls. Who has a passion for Arts and creativity since she was a young child.

During her years at the Limerick School of Art and Design, she discovered the world of printmaking and this, which, to her, was liberating. She developed a passion for vibrant hues, printing techniques, textiles and textures. She received her Diploma & my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from the Limerick school of Art & Design in 1995 & 1997 and after college; she continued her passion for Art as a hobby.

The inspiration for her work is drawn from nature and colour, stemming from the beautiful surroundings in the landscapes and wild-life. She loves to work with fabric & natural fibres as it is a versatile art form, plus the creation of wool paintings using Needle felting techniques.

Her unique & bespoke designs adorn her lampshades, cushions and prints which are individually designed Handmade Keepsakes will enhance any interior décor and her lampshades are a piece of functional art for any home, the ideal Unique special gift.



John Hanly

John Hanly & Co started back in 1893, when Denis Hanly and his son John set up a vertical woollen mill beside the Nenagh river, in a disused flour mill in Ballyartella, North Tipperary. Local farmers sold their fleeces to the mill, where wool was spun and carded and then woven into two main products of blankets and flannel fabric.In 1950, a fire destroyed much of the factory, reducing it from six to two storeys and destroying the adjoining family home. After that, the mill continued, but ceased its spinning and finishing, leaving just weaving as its core business.

Today, Brian Hanly, the fourth generation of Hanlys, proudly hold the reins of the company. The mill in Ballyartella remains the beating heart of what we do – yet their story goes around the world. They are proud to supply top brands, designers and quality retailers in a wealth of countries – including Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, U.K., U.S.A., Spain, Japan and Korea and of course Ireland from Dingle to Donegal you will see the John Hanly Brand in selected stores.

They work using only natural fibres as raw materials and all are sourced from renowned suppliers who produce and source their wools and cashmere in a sustained and ethical manner. They demand proof of this before they work with any supplier and are happy to share that information with you at any stage.

Located beside the Nenagh river in Ballyartella Woollen Mills, the river still drives the water turbine from which electricity is generated so that all the energy used in the mill is from a renewable source.

From the time the yarn arrives in the mill and leaves to customers throughout the world , it goes through several processes and hands , from the warpers to the weavers , knotters , machinists & menders .

John Hanly Story Video

We place a large emphasis on creativity and design , there is a certain randomness in our design and our collections , we have explosions of colour that our customers really like and this separates us from our competition. Our uniqueness is undoubtedly the feel and touch of our products which are truly soft & luxurious and that is what our customer loves and the fact that it is 100% Irish.

In many ways, everything and nothing has changed; everyone at the Mill takes a special pride in seeing the pieces find their way around the world. While their roots are in Irish traditional weaving, they find it doubly heartening to see the fabrics inspiring designers producing collections in the world’s top fashion houses.

And they’re always looking to evolve, thanks, in no small part, to the input of you, their customers. They have listened, and learned, and 2020 they introduced their fresh new Lifelines gift range, featuring beautifully designed pieces to grace those significant life moments, like engagements, weddings and births – or simply any occasion to treasure, and remember. All are wrapped in the new packaging, and they hope customers will take up the invitation they all contain; to ‘weave a memory,’ together.

This heritage brand, weaving for over a century. To succeed with such a brand in a consistent and evolving manner is a direct result of the dedication and ability of the staff, past and present. They have got design inspirational from the Tipperary countryside that surround the mill, from the hills of the Silvermines to the beauty of Lough Derg which is only a stones throw away and where the Nenagh River flows into.

Contemporary creativity is the lifeblood of John Hanly – and they constantly reinvent and add to the range, creating new colour-ways with every season. Whether it’s their luxurious bedroom collection, or our ‘Baby’s First Blanket’ range – there’s always something new to inspire and discover.