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Fran Halpin Fine Art

Dreams come true - print

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Limited Edition print by Fran Halpin

Size: 42cm x 58.4cm

Delivery Time: up to 2 weeks
A unique gift for weddings, anniversary, Valentines or engagement or simply a gift for a loved one.


For years everywhere I travelled, I collected stones and shells as a way of holding the memory of that experience. I loved the colours, textures and shapes. I stored them in glass jars around my house. I never considered myself someone who could commission an original piece of art - that was for “arty rich” types ! Then I saw Fran’s sea and pebble paintings - another stone worshipper ! I was as drawn to Fran’s paintings because of the colours, the texture and themes. After a long time dreaming of having Fran work her magic on some of my stones - I took the plunge ! Fran immediately put me at ease - I was now going to be someone with an original painting. Imagine! Fran poured over my stones with me and I told her the story behind each one. She helped me shortlist a varied selection. We worked collectively through a range of compositions and sizes - she never made me feel too picky ( even though I was !). Once we agreed the composition, Fran kept me updated with regular sneak previews of small sections of the piece - just enough to see it develop while maintaining a real sense of anticipation for the big reveal once completed ! And when that came my whole family was there, including my son who had picked some of the stones in the painting. We were all blown away and immediately drawn into the painting - The size, vibrant colours and textures draw you into the painting. It is pride of place in our living room now. And I can’t help but smile when I open the door every day !! The icing on the cake is the paintings name - Dreams Come True. From one stone worshipper to another - thank you !!

A unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, Valentines or engagement or simply a gift for a loved one.