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Fran Halpin Fine Art

No Place Like Home - print art

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Limited Edition print by Fran Halpin

Size: 50cm x 50cm

Delivery Time: up to 2 weeks
A unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, Valentines or engagement or simply a gift for a loved one.


Painting pebbles is fascinating to me. The way the light shines on the wet surface and how each one has a different texture or feels translucent. This painting collection has special significance. I brought my kids to the beach and we all chose our favourite pebbles. Watching the kids get totally engrossed and excited about this is just amazing. I can’t resist picking up stones when I’m on the beach. We have also decided to bring all of our pebbles back to the beach once Mammy is finished painting them. I love this idea. Returning the pebbles is just as important as collecting them. I’m always banging on about saving the world to my kids, so this is a lovely way to teach them about the environment too, because, if everyone took a bucket of pebbles home there would be no beach to come back to!