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Maty's Candles

Decorative Scented Candles - Saver Bundle | Buy 2 & Save €76

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Handmade, vegan-based, scented candle, Maty's are made from 100% natural soy wax, with a fragrance that lasts the lifetime of the candle.

We use the highest quality wax that is guaranteed to burn for more than 100 hours. The candle is designed to be a center piece decoration for any interior, even after it burns out. The candle is packaged in a solid gift box to make it a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

MATY’S candles are built using only the highest quality ingredients resulting in a truly unique and elegant product. We took care of every little detail. Let a MATY’S candle introduce a new level of harmony, sophistication and taste into your home today.


• Handmade.

• Healthy natural wax of the highest quality.
• Burns for more than 100 hours.
• Housed in a first-class crystal glass casing
• Crystal jar coloured with organic paint so that it can serve as a gastro container after the candle has burned out.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Various carefully selected fragrances that last the full lifetime of the candle
• Includes three cotton wicks
• Luxury candle packaging makes an excellent gift.


Freshness of the Alps

You will experience the fresh breath of nature as it brightens up your mood and encourages a more active lifestyle. We have spent a long time thinking about the right name but words are not enough here, even the comparison to the Alps does not do the candle justice. The freshness of this candle must be experienced first-hand to truly understand its tranquil qualities.

Relaxing Lavender

This aroma promises a gentle floral caress for the soul.

Not only is this a wonderful scent reminiscent of endless lavender fields with a touch of French romance but in ancient times, lavender was considered an important remedy. Even today, it is widely used for its soothing antidepressant effects; it helps with insomnia, and it supports digestion. It is even proven that the scent of lavender enhances certain brain vibrations that create a sense of relaxation and peace.

Wild Cranberry

A wild scent for the original spirit...
Imagine the taste of cranberry. The acidity yet with a sweet touch. In this candle, you will find both fresh tones and narcotic overtones. It is unique, mysterious and varied.