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Maty's Candles

Tea Light Candles - Alpine Freshness

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MATY'S Scented Tea Lights Candles

Unlike typical scented tea candles that use toxic products such as paraffin, MATY'S scented tea light candles are made from 100% natural soy wax. They are also presented in elegant beautifully crafted glass cup holders that will take pride of place on any surface in your home.

If your partner loves sparkling lights in a window or enjoys the simple luxury of a candlelit bath then this is the perfect gift for them.
Please choose the fragrance of your beautiful, natural MATY'S Scented Tea Light Candles.

MATY'S Scented Tea Light Candles - 150g / 30 hours

MATY'S Scented Tea Light Candles are a beautiful and practical addition to your home. Their aroma will fill your home even when not burning, for at least 6 months.

MATY'S Scented Tea Light Candles features:
• Maty's tea candles are healthy which is not the case for most competitor candles on the market.
• High-quality natural soy wax burns very slowly – up to 30 hours!
• Handmade
• Six pieces in a package.
• One candle weighs 25g, the total weight of candles is 150g.
• Various carefully selected fragrances that last the full lifetime of the candle.
• The cup holders are made of clear glass.

Freshness of the Alps

Sometimes we want a calm scent, and sometimes we want a fresh scent and sometimes both!
Then there is this candle. You will experience the fresh breath of nature as it brightens up your mood and encourages a more active lifestyle. We have spent a long time thinking about the right name but words are not enough here, even the comparison to the Alps does not do the candle justice. The freshness of this candle must be experienced first-hand to truly understand its tranquil qualities.